Denham Cricket Club

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Incidents / Accidents

Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there danger of further injuries?

Listen to what the injured person is saying.

Alert the qualified First Aider who should take appropriate action for minor injuries.

Call 111 for any minor ailments or 999 if a ball has struck a head or a similarly serious injury / illness has occurred.

Deal with the rest of the group and ensure that they are adequately supervised and safe.

Do not move someone with major injuries. Wait for the emergency medics.

Contact the injured person’s parent / carer / guardian.

Complete an Incident / Accident Report Form (To be found in the bottom drawer in the kitchen metal cabinet).

The nearest hospital is HILLINGDON HOSPITAL. Click on 'Get Directions' on the map below and type in 'UB9 5AD' in the search box that appears to get from the cricket club to the hospital. The closest approximation of the club is either the Fat Cow pub or Denham Village Infant School