Denham Cricket Club

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Away Games and Mobile Phone Policy

Denham Cricket Club Photographic Policy

  • Denham Cricket Club will at times take Photographs / images at matches or training for use on the Club Website or in the local press. Parents and guardians will be made aware of this when enrolling their child and by doing so give consent for their child to be photographed. In return Denham Cricket Club will ensure the following policy is adhered to.
  • Children will be informed if pictures are to be taken at the match or training session they are participating in.
  • At tournaments / festivals run by Denham Cricket Club a registration book will be set up for those wishing to take pictures.
  • The publishing of images will meet the following guidelines :
    • Parental / Guardians permission will be sought before the publication of any image and where possible the image will be shown to the parent /guardian and child in advance.
    • The child in question will be asked permission in advance of publication.
    • The photograph will not be displayed with a name or included in an article in which the player is mentioned.
    • Only images of children involved in cricketing activity will be used.
    • If any child / parent / guardian is concerned by the use of an image in any publication they are strongly encouraged to report this to the Club Welfare Office or a team manager.
    • By becoming a member of Denham Cricket club all players / parents / guardians agree to adhere to this policy.

No Mobile Phones or Cameras to be used in the Changing Rooms